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A Supreme Champion Ale of Cornwall as voted by CAMRA, and the South West's Favourite cask beer, Tribute is a popular favourite with locals and visitors to Cornwall, as well as being a much sought after brand throughout the rest of the UK. It is brewed using specially grown Cornish Gold Malt.

4.2% abv

The classic premium ale that has made Wadworth famous. Well known and respected, 6X is a beacon on the bar for many ale drinkers. Full bodied and distinctive, 6X remains one of the South's most famous beers. The beer is mid-brown in colour, malty and fruity with balancing hop character.

4.1% abv


Named after Henry Wadworth, a light bronze ale with delicate malt aromas. An easy drinking style with cereal notes and a lingering finish, a great session beer.

3.6% abv

We also offer three Guest Beers. 

Colliton Club Guest Beers Recent Visitors: 

Dark Mild from Bank Top 

A full bodied dark mild with a malt and roast aroma, rich mouthfeel and a complex taste including roast malt and liquorice.

4% abv

Rocking Rudolf 

A full bodied, malty and fruity Christmas ale, with a refreshing bitter finish.

4.2% abv


Fifty Shades of Ale - Northumberland Brewery 

4.0% abv


Jimmy Riddle from The Piddle Brewery 

Complex chestnut beer. With malt, rye and some oats jimmy riddle is fruity with a spicy finish that simply makes you want to go back for more.

3.7% abv

Union Flack from Flack Brewery 

A golden hoppy ale.

4% abv

Arkwright's Original 

3.8% abv

Blackboard from Old School Brewery  

A smooth, dark, mild bitter with a biscuity aftertaste. Despite the colour, it?s light enough to drink as a session beer.

3.7% abv

Golden Best from Hopback Brewery 

Golden, with the sort of light clean tasty quality which makes an ideal session ale. Tasted to destruction by our brewers, GFB has a hoppy aroma and is packed full of the very best East Kent Goldings, leading to a good dry finish.

3.5% abv

Summerset from Yeovil Ales 

SUMMERSETis a blonde ale with light rounded mouth feel and a tangerine fruity hop finish.

4.1% abv

Wild Thing from The Smart Brewing Company 

4.0% abv

Icon from The Liverpool Craft Beer Co

This extra pale ale is in honour of the Liver Birds that sit on the Liver Buildings on Liverpool's world famous water front. 

The beer is an extra pale ale and extremely simple. Maris Otter all the way with Golding and Styrian hops. It's a good session beer while remaining interesting and dry and citrusy on the taste.

3.8% abv

Hop Beast fromThe Liverpool Craft Beer Co 

Hop Beast is made completely with Vienna malt. We use a lot of Cascade Hops to live up to this name. It took a long time to get this right and be a real Hop Beast but these American Hops came through for us.

All we can say is that the hop experience is strong but leaving you wanting more. We re-designed this in December 2011, so if you tried it before then - it's totally different now. That's what being small is all about making the beer better and better.  

4.0% abv

Force Four from Isle of Purbeck Brewery 

4% abv


Thunderbox Porter from Dorset Piddle Brewery 


Black and full bodied, Thunderbox Porter is packed with light zingy floral and blackcurrent hop flavours. Perfectly pukka winter drinking!

4.5% abv

Stunner from Cotswold Spring Brewery Co 

Straw like in colour this excellent ale has an initial dryness on the palate, mouth-filling malt and fruit, and a long sweet finish.

4.0% abv


The Wife's Bitter 

Heaps of bitter hoppiness in this one - but delve deep and the sweetness may still be there. A red ale with summer fruits and hints of tartness.

3.9% abv

6D Black from Waylands Sixpenny Brewery 

A honey porter, rich and full flavoured, brewed with chocolate and brown malts, smooth dark and delicious!

4.4% abv


Lynx Wildcat from Yeovil 


Lynx Wildcat is a bronze full bodied hoppy bitter. Specialists malts provide a sweetness which is accompanied by grapefruity hop flavours and aromas.


Lynx Wildcat is a comemorative beer celebrating the 40th anniversary of this Yeovil built Helicopter. The Lynx Helicopter has held the world helicopter airspeed record for the past 25 years.

4.3% abv

London Glory from Greene King 

A celebratory ale created by the master brewers of Greene King for the nation's capital city. Centuries of expertise and craftsmanship have come together to produce this rich and fruity brew that combines crystal malt with challenger and goldings hops.

4% abv

6D Best from Waylands Sixpenny Brewery 

This is our flagship session ale. A well balanced and moreish ale, with a good rounded malt flavour that leads to a bitter finish.

4% abv

6D Gold from Waylands Sixpenny Brewery 

A superb golden ale, slightly citrus, thirst quenching and distinct hoppy floral aroma brewed using American hops.

4.2% abv